People make videos about food, showing recipes, cooking methods, and sometimes exploring different restaurants or food markets, all this come under food vlogging. Food vlogging highlights the diversity of Pakistani cuisines which covers a wide range of flavors, ingredients, cooking styles, and much more, promoting and preserving Pakistani culture. It has also become a source of income and entrepreneurship for many people and vloggers in Pakistan. This field offers opportunities for chefs, home cooks, and food lovers to sell their passion of cooking and share it with a wide range of audience.

Now, let’s talk about top 15 food vloggers in Pakistan. These talented vloggers have gained popularity for their delicious and yummy videos and exploration of wide range of culinary experiences. Tashheer team has gathered all the necessary information about these amazing vloggers, highlighting their unique styles and contributions to Pakistan’s food culture. Let’s get into the article emphasizing on top 15 food vloggers in Pakistan. If you want to work together with these vloggers, you can get in touch with our Tashheer team by filling out the contact form.

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By showing our delicious cuisines to the world, food vloggers are promoting Pakistani culture on an international level. The main aim lies in promoting tourism through food videos. When people see great variety of cuisines of Pakistan in food vloggers videos, it creates a desire in them to visit the country and taste them. This helps in spreading awareness about Pakistani culture and encourages foreigners to rich our culinary delights. Food vloggers are playing a vital role in introducing Pakistani cuisines to an international level by sharing recipes, cooking techniques, and by exploring local food market.

A peek into top five food vloggers in Pakistan, not only tantalizing the taste buds but also promoting the rich culture and traditions of the country. Continue reading below and get to know about the exciting stories and success journeys of these talented individuals.

Sr. No.Food VloggerYouTube Channel NameYouTube Channel Link
1Zia TabarakStreet Food  
2Adeel ChaudhryAdeel  
3Rana Hamza SaifRana Hamza Saif –  
4Mubashir SaddiqueVillage Food  
5Saqib MubeenSaqib  
6Rashida HussainRashida  
8Abdul Malik FareedAbdul Malik  
9Muhammad Hamza OfficialMuhammad Hamza  
10Rj FoodieRj  
11Noman KatiyarNoman  
12Aliza AnisAliza  
13Yadgar Street FoodYadgar Street  
14Street Food TourStreet Food  
15Ch Danish OfficialCh Danish  
Zia Tabarak – To Phir Chalain

Zia Tabarak was born on March 26 in Pakistan. He has covered almost every city of Pakistan and covered every type of street food representing Pakistani culture to great extent, that’s the reason we have ranked Zia Tabarak on number one in our list.  By profession, he is a broadcast motion graphic designer. In his 12 – 15 years of experience, he worked for many national and international organizations and also won many awards, one of which was for Al-Jazeera. He animated this short film, a finalist at the New York Film and Television Festival. As a significant team player, Zia Tabarak launched the country’s two leading news channels and two music channels. From Jan 2014 – April 2014, he worked at Pakistan Idol as a freelance motion graphics designer. Tabarak has done video productions and set designs on his own as he is a highly creative person in design and motion graphics. Colleagues value him because of his work ethic, open-mindedness, and creativity.

Zia Tabarak also runs a famous YouTube channel where he presents local cuisines of his country. The channel’s name is “Street Food PK,” and it was launched in 2017; in fact, he posted his first YouTube video on May 12, 2017, and received just over 8 million views on his most popular YouTube videos. His channel is popular in both India and Pakistan. The main reason for his popularity is his travel and lifestyle vlogs in which Tabarak goes to different places and tries new foods. Due to this, the Famous YouTuber has gathered just over 1.3 Million subscribers and 332 million views on YouTube.

Born onMarch 26  
YouTube SubscribersOver 1.3 Million Subscribers
Alma MaterKarachi University (MSc) 1999-2002
Adeel Chaudhry – Buhat Aala

Adeel Chaudhry was the most watched food vlogger in Pakistan in 2022, born and raised in Lahore. After achieving global popularity in fashion, TV, and music, this social media influencer has become the first Pakistani connoisseur to be featured in world-renowned Forbes Magazine. He aims to encourage more people to visit Pakistan by showcasing its delicious food. Chaudhry wrote that reaching this goal made him feel like he is getting nearer to his dream of making Pakistani food and culture famous worldwide. He has been obsessed with food ever since he was a child. The renowned food influencer revealed his love for food came from his family.

My mother has always been a good cook, and my father loves eating, so it was a winning combination from the start,”  He said

This famous YouTuber and food vlogger also runs two restaurants in Lahore: “Janoon” and “Bohat Aala”. Even though some people in Pakistan may not like trying new food ideas, Chaudhry believes restaurant owners should be open to global trends. “We need to be both familiar and unique,” he said. He shared that his experience working in real estate in Dubai inspired him to start his restaurant in Pakistan. With a following of over 5 million across different social platforms, Adeel Chaudhry is also the CEO of Droav. He has travelled internationally and explored Pakistani food representing local culture and traditions.

Alma MaterLahore School of Economics (BBA Hons) 2002-2005  
YouTube Subscribers680K Subscribers
Rana Hamza Saif – Shapak TV

Rana Hamza Saif was born on 2nd February, 1995 in Bahawalnagar, Pakistan. He is among one of the most popular food vloggers in Pakistan with 1.17 million subscribers and more than 200 million views on his videos. In his videos, he frequently uses the phrase “Shapak TV,” which has become his signature catchphrase. This famous food vlogger was grown up in a well-educated family with great passion in media and journalism since his childhood. RHS is famously known as “Food Ranger of Pakistan” because of his collaboration with Trevor James, a YouTuber from Canada, who runs his YouTube channel “The Food Ranger”. From University of Central Punjab, Hamza completed his bachelor’s degree in mass communication and started his YouTube channel in October 2016.

Before starting on YouTube, he gained popularity through Snapchat, where he shared stories during his second semester. He wanted to use his voice to talk about important things and make people know about different social problems. Also, he wanted to show how diverse and interesting Pakistani culture and food are to everyone around the world. Rana Hamza Saif’s channel focuses on food and travel, exploring diverse cuisines and cultures, especially in Asia and the Middle East. From street food to fine dining, he gives honest reviews and interacts with locals to learn about their history and traditions. He collaborates with famous food vloggers such as Trevor James (The Food Ranger), Mark Wiens (Migrationology), Peyman Al Awadhi (Best Bites) and more and has featured celebrities like Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar.

ResidenceBahawalnagar, Pakistan
ProfessionYouTuber ( Food Vlogger )  
YouTube Subscribers1.17 million subscribers
Mubashir Saddique – One of the Best Food Vloggers in Pakistan

Mubashir Saddique, born on 7 February 1985 in Shahpur, a small town located near Sailkot, Pakistan, is a famous Pakistani YouTuber, Food and Travel Vlogger. He is known for his YouTube channel “Village Food Secrets” and “Mubashir Saddique Channel”. Before he started his YouTube journey, he worked as a production manager at a soccer ball factory in Sialkot. After leaving that factory he went to Malaysia and did job in JV Monitroncis, an electronics manufacturing company in Malaysia. Mubashir’s brother, Mudassar, was working in South Korea. He convinced him to start his own YouTube channel. Then Mudassar came back from South Korea and together they began working on the YouTube channel “Village Food Secrets” from their village in Shahpur, Pakistan. Now, he is fully dedicated to his channel. Mubashir credits his mother for teaching him cooking skills. His father used to work as an army driver before retiring. He also has two younger brothers who are also YouTubers and three sisters. His father’s dialogues “Zindabad Mubashir Puttar Maza-e-a-gya” is famous among the subscribers.

In 2019, Mubashir Saddique reached 1 million subscribers, currently earning 1,000,000 PKR from his YouTube channel. His second vlogging channel “Mubashir Saddique” has over 142,000 subscribers. Saddique’s channel is famous for featuring organic food cooked in a village setting using basic tools like earthenware pots, wooden cutting boards, and a handmade oven. He grows his own vegetables and wheat, which he mills into flour.

ResidenceShahpur, Sialkot
BornFebruary 7, 1985
Total Views878.5 million
ChannelsVillage Food Secrets; Mubashir Saddique  
YouTube Subscribersmillion subscribers
Saqib Mubeen – Halal Vlogger

Saqib Mubeen is a famous Pakistani travel and food vlogger. He was born in Lahore and by profession he is a Software Engineer, completed his degree in 2013 and worked 8 years in this field. He did not even know much about making videos at first, but he was eager to break free from his regular job and manage his own expenses. He started with vlogging but didn’t get much success until one day he posted a food video that went viral on his channel, kickstarting his career. Now, he uploads videos twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. He ensures that all his food videos are made in a halal manner without the involvement of any unrelated men or women. If he collaborates with any female, he insists that women should be veiled and covered. His content combines both serious and humorous elements, and Saqib gained fame quickly in no time because of it.

YouTube Subscribers586K subscribers
Rashida Hussain

Rashida Hussain is the popular street food vlogger in Pakistan. Instead of talking in her videos, she focuses on food making process. She shows everything from start to finish to the viewers, giving a close-up of how street food is prepared. People love her videos because they get the experience of delicious local food sounds without any disruptions. It is the first Pakistani street food channel that has crossed one million subscribers on YouTube. She is the only most famous food vlogger in Pakistan, working hard to make Pakistan proud.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.59M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos739 Videos (As of May 2024)
Abdul Malik Fareed

Abdul Malik Fareed is a Saudi Arabian YouTuber basically belonging from Pakistan. He was born on Jan 01, 1992 in Punjab, Pakistan. He joined YouTube on May 5, 2019. Along with being a Youtuber and digital creator, this social media personality is also a fitness coach, famous for his food and travel videos spreading information about Desi cuisines in all over the world. On 15th February 2021, he gained 500K subscribers and on 11th December 2021, he covered his milestone by achieving 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. On of the most famous videos on his channel that hit 1 million views includes “Making Full Goat MANDI in Arab Village & Trying Camel Milk with Saudi Hospitality Arab Coffee KSA “that was uploaded on 14th February 2022. In addition to his travel and food vlogs, he also focuses on showcasing different ziyaarats from Taif, Madina, Madina, Ghar-e-Hira, different mosques, and many other popular places in Saudia Arabia. He doesn’t label himself as an influencer but rather sees himself as someone influenced by the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Total YouTube Subscribers2.76 M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos597 Videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views on YouTube454,732,818 views (As of May 2024)

A YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers, aiming to explore best variety of food and cuisines for its viewers by travelling in different parts of the world and sharing those videos on the YouTube. This channel was created on Oct 22, 2017. On this channel you will find food videos from multiple cities of Pakistan covering the entire food making process, including some in bulk quantities. These videos are amazing and impress viewers not only from Pakistan but also from different countries, including India, Bangladesh, Korea, etc.

Total YouTube Subscribers1.05M subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos521 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views503,297,610 views (As of May 2024)
Muhammad Hamza Official

Muhammad Hamza is a Pakistani YouTuber and food vlogger with 102K subscribers on YouTube, earning him a silver play button. He explores various Pakistani desi cuisines and presents them to the world on his channel, dreaming to have a golden play button in near future. Most of his videos focus on a famous food establishment owner, “Jheela Food Point,” showcasing different dishes, deals, and techniques used in preparing food at his hotel. This YouTube channel was made on Aug 1, 2015.

Total YouTube Subscribers102K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos1,472 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views53,483,729 views (As of May 2024)
Rj Foodie

Rj Foodie is a Pakistani street food lover who made his own YouTube channel on Dec 9, 2022. With 138K subscribers on his channel, he explores the unseen streets in Pakistan, creating an engaging food content, and bringing those cuisines to the audience, presenting a unique perspective of street food. He creates videos showcasing Pakistani local cuisine, recipes, and local food exploration, attracting a large following on his YouTube channel.

Total YouTube Subscribers138K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos414 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views96,272,630 views (As of May 2024)
Noman Katiyar

Noman Katiyar is one of the best Pakistani food vloggers, renowned for his storytelling videos. He travels to different areas, creating vlogs that include food reviews. His unique style of storytelling and the way he explains his experiences in his videos captivate his audience, making them fans of his content. He created his YouTube channel on Apr 26, 2022 and gained popularity in a short period of time.

Total YouTube Subscribers346K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos212 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views130,464,208 views (As of May 2024)
Aliza Anis

Aliza Anis is a renowned YouTuber, lifestyle and food vlogger belonging from Karachi, Pakistan. She began her YouTube journey on February 3, 2015, and specializes in reviewing various cuisines and restaurants, especially those in Karachi city. Her warn and engaging personality, the beautiful voice and the way she reviews the food makes audience fan of her.

Total YouTube Subscribers76.2K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos182 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views24,189,949 views (As of May 2024)
Yadgar Street Food

Yadgar Street Food is a Pakistani YouTube channel showcasing street food experiences worldwide. These videos are without voiceovers, presenting viewers with the authentic sounds of food preparation and the local Pakistani street atmosphere. Each video captures mouth-watering dishes, focusing on presenting everything in detail. They carefully capture the entire process from start to finish, ensuring viewers get a comprehensive look at the food-making process. This YouTube channel was made on Apr 13, 2023.

Total YouTube Subscribers21.7 K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos84 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views9,782,717 views (As of May 2024)
Street Food Tour

Street Food Tour is a Pakistani food channel founded on March 7, 2023. Its primary focus is on producing videos presenting local cuisine, highlighting the journey of local vendors from setting up their stalls to preparing their dishes. This channel prioritizes authenticity by presenting genuine sounds and voices of local audiences rather than adding music or additional voiceovers. Each video offers viewers a detailed look at the process, capturing the beauty of the local food in Pakistan.

Total YouTube Subscribers21.9K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos123 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views9,965,595 views (As of May 2024)
Ch Danish Official

Chaudhry Danish is a food and travel vlogger from Islamabad, Pakistan. He joined YouTube on Nov 5, 2010. He makes vlogs and discovers different food varieties and presents them to the Pakistani audience, bringing best Pakistani flavors and breathtaking destinations. Currently, as of May 2024, he has 253 videos on his YouTube channel.

Total YouTube Subscribers224K subscribers (As of May 2024)
Total Videos253 videos (As of May 2024)
Total Views26,746,797 views (As of May 2024)
Official Website

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