Abayas are worn by ladies all around the world. It has traditional values in the Islamic community, but it is worn as a mark of modesty in others. Furthermore, the loose, floor-length garment covers the entire body including the body curves, giving the woman a sense of privacy and security. Abaya is a loose robe-like garment that has been worn for more than 4000 years now. Certainly, it is an honored item of clothing in the Muslim world specifically North Africa, the Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula. However, as its popularity has grown, people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds have begun to embrace it.

In old times, Abaya was simply made of black cloth wrapped over the shoulder so that it covered the whole body. However, as people began to wear them more frequently, brands started to take notice. Just as different western clothing brands available, there are numerous Abaya brands in Pakistan that are either solely selling Abayas or have launched them along with additional stuff including hijabs, under cap, niqab, etc. In this Thorough article, Tashheer’s research team compiled a list of the top 6 Finest abaya brands in Pakistan.

Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan

Discover the elegance and sophistication offered by these 6 premium abaya brands in the Pakistani market. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, these brands offer a range of luxurious abayas designed to elevate your style. From traditional designs to modern interpretations, these brands cater to diverse tastes while ensuring the highest standards of quality and elegance in every garment. If you are searching for some brands that offer best clothes for children, then read our article on Best Clothing Brands for Kids in Pakistan


Astore Abayas is a lovely symphony of design, comfort, and modesty. It is an online Abaya shopping store that has been making and exporting abayas and their related products since 2012. They use expensive and luxurious fabrics like silk, georgette, and crepe, and their designs often feature intricate embroidery, beadwork, and embellishments. Astore is ideal for special occasions or for people looking to make a statement. Astore offers high-quality Women’s Abayas made of comfortable Nidha fabric in various colors like Black, Pastel, Light pink, Light peach, pearl white, maroon, and emerald green. They consider body shape and size with a Size Chart for Small, Medium, and Large. Astore is popular brand in Pakistan throughout the country for its thorough product information, low prices, simple online shopping, and efficient delivery services.

Google rating (4.5)
AddressPlot#106, I-9 industrial area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone Number+92-347-5391207
TypePrivately Held

Here is the list of Abaya Collection according to different occasions and styles:

Everyday Essentials

  • Classic Abayas
  • Work-Ready Abayas
  • Casual Chic Abayas

Special Occasion Ensembles

  • Formal Abayas
  • Festive Abayas
  • Bridal Abayas

Modern Twists

  • Cape Abayas
  •  Jacket Abayas
  •  Jumpsuit Abayas

Founded in 2008, Hareer started a mission to revolutionize the “Hijab Shopping Experience” to make quality hijabs accessible to all women. Today, Hareer is one of the best abaya brands in Pakistan known for its trendy and youthful abayas. The company has inspired premium modest wear for the past 12 years, reflecting the personality of women who make conscious wardrobe choices. Their elegant, versatile, and accessible designs promise to give a personalized spark to your outfit, ensuring you feel confident and calm on any occasion. They experiment with different cuts and silhouettes and their designs often incorporate playful details like prints and stripes. Hareer is a great option for those who want to express their individuality through clothing. Read more about Best Wedding Dress Brands in Pakistan

Google rating (4.3)
Address33- N Gurumangat Rd, Block N Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab
Phone0333 4546557
TypePrivately Held

Here is the list of Hareer’s best Abaya collection, mentioned as:

Formal Abayas

  • Festive Collection’23
  • Black Luxe Swarovski Stone Work Abaya
  • Alia Black Textured Fabric Abaya

Casual Abayas

  • Summer Edit’21
  • Dove Grey Front Open Abaya
  • Cape and Kimono Abayas

Other Collections

  • Bridal Abayas
  • Hajj Attire Abaya
  • Tube Caps

Spinzar Textile Pvt Ltd has been committed to producing modest clothing that allows individuals to exhibit their particular style while adhering to modesty values in their outfits since 2019. Today, Spinzar is a leading global Hijab brand, committed to providing an outstanding hijab experience, products, and service. Spinzar is a relatively new brand that has quickly gained popularity for its affordable and stylish abayas. They offer a variety of designs, from simple and elegant to bold and colorful. Spinzar is a good choice for those who are looking for trendy abayas without breaking the bank. Spinzar known for its elegant, adaptable, and accessible clothing, creates elaborately designed and elegant abayas perfect for any occasion, ensuring you feel confident and poised.

Google rating (4.3)
AddressGround Floor, Dilkusha Forum, Main Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone+92 300 1955888
TypePrivately Held

The highlights are given below.

Quality FabricsComfortable and durable materials like crepe and marina.
Sophisticated DesignsElegant options, including front open and printed designs.
Detail FocusExpertise shown through embroidery, tassel details, and prints.
Color VarietyFrom classic black to vibrant colors.
Versatile StylesSimple for daily wear, elaborate for special occasions.
Vohra & Saigol

Vohra and Saigol started their business in Lahore in 2012. The brand is named after the maternal and paternal castes of the founders, who have a long history of competence in trade, Vohra representing Sidra’s maternal side and Saigol representing Nida’s paternal side. The brand is committed to five core values: customer service, quality, commitment, honesty, and teamwork. These values shape the brand’s in-store and online services. Through a strong customer relationship, Vohra and Saigol consistently create high-quality fashion trends that adapt to the evolving needs of the industry. Their abayas are often made with silk, chiffon, and other luxurious fabrics, and they feature intricate embroidery and embellishments. It is a perfect choice for those who want a truly special abaya. There are also some brands in Pakistan, that are delivering best men clothing experiences, to learn more about them read our article on Best Men’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Google rating (4.0)
AddressEmporium Mall, Shop # G-39 Ground Floor, Johar Town, Lahore
Phone(042) 32592247
TypePrivately Held

The brand highlights are given below.

Quality FabricsSpinzar uses premium materials like crepe and marina for comfort and durability in various life events.
Sophisticated DesignsExplore sophisticated abaya designs including front open styles, classic round neck options, and trendy printed designs.
Focus on DetailingThe collection features abayas with intricate embroidery, stylish tassel details, and eye-catching printed patterns, showing skilled artistry and attention to detail.
Wide Color RangeSpinzar offers a diverse color palette from timeless black to vibrant shades, ensuring abayas suit different preferences and occasions.
Versatile StylesWhether you seek plain designs for daily wear or more elaborate, printed styles for special occasions, Spinzar’s collection is versatile and inclusive.
Aarefa Abaya

Aarefa Abaya is a leading abaya manufacturer and distributor worldwide. They offer a stunning range of abayas, hijabs, and burkas in a variety of colors and designs to suit every taste. Their commitment to quality and affordability makes it the ideal choice for discerning shoppers. With a focus on merging traditional modest wear with contemporary techniques, Aarefa has developed itself as a go-to brand for those looking for both sophistication and comfort in their clothes. The collection shows the brand’s dedication to quality and style. On their website, you may find a variety of styles and designs, such as kimonos, maxis, and coat-style abayas.

Google rating (4.1)
AddressA-242 Block A North Nazimabad Karachi, Pakistan
Phone0300 2896599
TypePrivately Held

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The main highlights of the brand are given below.

VarietyExplore coat-style, colorful, embroidered, lace, and maxi abayas.
DesignsAarefa Abaya showcases front-open designs, Bridal Abayas, elegant lace patterns, and intricate embroidery.
ColorsChoose from a range of light to vibrant shades that suit your style, including red rosy, pastel pink hues, royal blue, nude, beige, and camel colors.
QualityAarefa uses high-quality polyester for comfort and durability.

In January 2013 this brand released their Signature Pearl Lace Hijab and Side Parted Hijab Cap Collection, which created such hype in Pakistan and also in the international market. They later launched their collection of Ultimate collection of pins less hijabs such as Side Pleats Instant Hijab, Quick Fix, and Hijab Cum Shrug, which became a great hit. They regale to women of all ages and styles, offering a wide range of products in different colors, fabrics, and designs. Their team is fervently working and owning their mission of fashioning a world where every woman feels comfortable at ease and confident. Hijabeaze makes it easy to return or exchange items if you are not satisfied with them. Overall, Hijabeaze is a great option for Muslim women who are looking for a wide variety of hijabs, abayas, and other Islamic clothing and accessories.

Google rating (4.0)
Address25, Extension, Masood Anwari Rd, Commercial Area Cavalry Ground, Lahore, Punjab
Phone0314 2200003
Website hijabeaze.com
TypePrivately Held

They are proud to use high-quality materials for their collection:

  • Pearl Lace Hijabs
  • Quick Fix Hijabs
  • Hijab Cum Shrugs
  • Hoodie Drapes
  • Flower Clips
  • Drapereaze Loopeaze
  • Zipper Niqab
  • Niqabeaze Couture
  • Ninja Nector

6 Premium Abaya Brands in the Pakistan

Here is the list of the top 6 abaya brands in Pakistan that take care of both traditional and modern tastes.

BrandFoundedFounderHead Office
Astore2012Naveed ZafarIslamabad
Hareer2012Maheen KhanKarachi
Spinzar2017Fatima HassanIslamabad
Vohra & Saigol2012Sidra Vohra & Nida SaigolLahore
Aarefa Abaya2015Aarefa ShahidFaisalabad
Hijabeaze2013Urooj Nasir SherazKarachi
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Our Tashheer research and marketing team compiled a list of the top 6 Abaya brands in Pakistan, each ready to grace you with its unique charm. The ideal abaya is the one that makes you feel confidence, radiance and reflects your unique self. So, explore, experiment, and own your style. After all, the most beautiful adornment is the one that shines from within. These brands offer more than just a garment, it is a canvas of self-expression, a whisper of elegance, and a confident stride through life. In Pakistan, the abaya industry is a vibrant tapestry, woven with tradition and infused with contemporary flair.

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