According to an ARY News report, Balochistan government has announced the launch of the province’s inaugural air ambulance service. The healthcare situation in Balochistan is extremely poor, whether it is the doctor to patient ratio (1:1000) or the nurse to patient ratio (1:50). Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti stated in an interview that the introduction of an air ambulance service in Balochistan is a big achievement for our province. Instead of selling one of the two government-owned planes, it has been decided to utilize it for public welfare. In this research article, our Tashheer research team compiled all details related to the launch of historic air ambulance service by Balochistan government. For more information on healthcare facilities, explore our list of the Top 10 Hospitals in Pakistan.

Balochistan Launches Historic Air Ambulance Service for Enhanced Healthcare

Air ambulances can save many lives by swiftly transferring patients to hospitals. Sarfraz Bugti in a statement said that People’s Air Ambulance service would be launched for only emergency shifting of patients to expand the provision of emergency medical facilities to the masses. With the launch of Air Ambulance in Balochistan, patients can be transferred to major hospitals across the country including the provincial capital, Quetta, in an emergency. During natural disasters or mass casualty incidents, air ambulances can rapidly deploy medical teams and resources to provide immediate medical assistance and evacuate critically injured individuals.

People’s Air Ambulance service helps quickly move patients to big hospitals across the country. CM Bugti also stated that the Balochistan government is focused on making services better especially in the healthcare sector. Department of Health Government of Balochistan developed its Health Policy 2018-30 with support from the World Health Organization (WHO). The federal government proposed allocating Rs 24 billion to the healthcare sector for the financial year 2023-24, compared to Rs 22 billion allocated during the previous financial year.

Air ambulances can facilitate the rapid transportation of patients to specialized medical centers where time-sensitive interventions such as surgeries or specialized treatments, can be performed.  On April 17, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif restated the federal government’s tireless focus on Balochistan’s development and prosperity. He also said that the provincial government is working hard to deliver quality medical facilities to Pakistani poor people by bringing extraordinary reforms to the health department.

Balochistan Chief Miniter (CM) Sarfraz Bugti called on the prime minister and told him about the relief activities in the province after the torrential rains. The meeting primarily focused on addressing various issues related to Balochistan’s development and prosperity. PM Shehbaz Sharif highlighted the center’s commitment to supporting the provincial government in promoting education across Balochistan. Another initiative is taken by the Prime Minister as PM Shehbaz Sharif Invites Huawei to Strengthen Pakistan’s Digital Future.

It helps in shifting patients from one place to another, reducing travel time and bringing critically sick patients in good condition to any hospital. By reducing the time to reach proper medical facilities in Balochistan, this air ambulance saves lives. it also minimizes the unfortunate outcomes that linked with the delay in reaching healthcare. It also helps in effectively managing crises and natural disasters (like earthquakes and floods) that may occur in the region.

This air ambulance service is a big achievement forward but it is merely the first step on a path towards a more strong healthcare system in Balochistan. Further investment in medical facilities, staff training, medical equipment to help load and unload patients into and out of the ambulance and preventative healthcare initiatives will be essential to ensure long-term improvements. 

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Last year, at least 40 people were killed in rain-related incidents in KP while hundreds lost their homes to floods in Balochistan. In GB, the main areas were blocked due to landslides. This launch of Air Ambulance Service for local people by the Balochistan government opens a new chapter in the healthcare journey. Plus, it also supports relief and rescue operations by Balochistani government during emergency situations like floods and land sliding.

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