The fact that over 6.3 million users lurk on social media every day makes it imperative that companies stay on top of social media activities. However, it can be quite challenging since social media keeps changing so frequently. In the past few years, there have been a host of updates on the platforms. Not to mention the myriad current trends that impact users’ engagement on these platforms. All of these changes have propelled companies to adjust how they use social media marketing strategies. 

When it comes to staying on top of your industry, you need to adjust your tactics. Here are the 7 ways of expanding your business through social media marketing.

7 Ways to Expand Your Business Using Social Media Marketing
7 Ways to Expand Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

Understand Your Audience

When strategizing your social media marketing tactics, the first thing to keep in mind is to understand your target audience. Which social network does your target audience prefer? On what days do they spend the most time on social media? Knowing your audience is essential to creating a successful social media marketing strategy. You should post seven times a week on your social network platforms. But if your content isn’t reaching your audience, it doesn’t matter. This will, in fact, diminish your chances of promoting the business to its target audience. Ensure that your posts are relevant and engaging in order to maximize the reach of your posts.

Work with Micro-influencers

Due to their celebrity-like personality, micro-influencers make a big impact on social media when it comes to true social network engagement. The fact that micro-influencers are low-budget does not exclude the possibility that they will work free or, at least, for a lower fee than big names. According to research, micro-influencers can have niche audiences that are more focused and receptive than ever-singing-every-dancing influencers.

Use Trending Hashtags in Your Posts

For a long time, hashtags were an important aspect of promoting posts. In recent years, however, hashtags seem to have fallen out of favor. It is true that hashtags aren’t suitable for all platforms, such as Facebook, but they can certainly help you boost your brand’s visibility on LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Making use of trending hashtags is a wise decision if marketers are serious about boosting their brands.

Don’t Mess Up Your First Impression

There’s a big difference between talking with your audience and engaging with them when it comes to using social networks. Engaging with your audience holds more importance than talking to your audience. You might as well act like a machine if you are not engaging, and your customers will perceive you that way too. 

Reacting to your audience’s comments, responding to them, and taking the time to listen to what they have to say will make them feel safe and trusted.

Always Include a Call-to-Action in Your Posts

You can ask people to check out a new blog post or product if you have just added one to your list. In the event you require feedback from your audience about an item or service, don’t hesitate to ask them. If you are looking to get some opinion regarding your decision, go and ask your audience.

In short, if you want anything from your audience, simply ask for it, but in a stylish manner. Adding a call-to-action to your posts will urge the audience to take action right away. Human beings are naturally curious, so if you inject some curiosity into your content, it will automatically drive users to act.

React to Negative Feedback

Negative feedback doesn’t necessarily reflect the poor image of your business, but it will if you ignore it. The best way to handle negative comments is to respond to them immediately and appropriately. When doing so, the first thing to keep in mind is admitting to the problem and not denying it. Respond professionally by asking the customers to reach out to you through a service line or via email and taking necessary measures to resolve those issues. Customers will assume you do not value their opinion if you ignore them.

Make Use of Videos in Your Content

The last thing that matters a lot in promoting your business through social media is making use of videos in your content as much as possible. The only thing that is common among social network users is the fact that they want users to spend more time on their platforms and videos are the best way to hook them. The algorithm will automatically begin liking your content if you manage to keep people on your social network platforms for a long time. This strategy will put more and more people in contact with your content. So far, it is the most effective way to gain more exposure.   

How Tashheer Helps in Boosting Your Business Through Social Media 

Tashheer LogoThere are multiple things that you can do to expand your business with social media marketing. A fun element should be incorporated into your social network campaign when you are trying to improve your online presence. Because too much emphasis on creating compelling content can stifle your creativity. The best method for creating a successful social media strategy is to hire professionals like Tashheer to do it for you. Since professionals are experts in their field, they better understand how the algorithm for each social network platform works and how to deal with them. Contact us today, and we will give you a free consultation about our social network packaging plan.

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